Counter Fitting in Newfoundland for Over 30 Years!




Counter Corner was started by Howard Walsh, in 1986 with his brother Paul. The original plant was located on Portugal Cove Rd in St. John’s, NL and was approximately 600 sq.ft. At the start, there was only one employee (Howard). The available product at this time was Post Form Counter Tops.



In 1991 Counter Corner moved to Pippy Place in St. John’s, NL and was approximately 2500 sq.ft. At this time there were 2-4 employees. Solid Surface Counter Tops (DuPont™  Corian©) were added to the available products.



In 1998 Counter Corner moved to O`Leary Ave. in St. John’s, NL and was approximately 6500 sq.ft. At this time there were 8 employees. Since then, other solid surfaces were added (DuPont™  Zodiaq©).



In 2008 Counter Corner then expanded by taking over a larger portion of the building on O`Leary Ave. – Approx 4500 sq.ft. extra space. At the present time there are 15-17 employees.


Counter Corner serves 3 kinds of customers: individual home owners (retail sales / installation), private contractors, and corporate customers, such as Costco and Home Depot. As well, Counter Corner ships to customers across the Newfoundland, Labrador, and even St. Pierre.








To proudly have all assigned work and jobs completed on time and right the first time.