Counter Fitting in Newfoundland for Over 30 Years!


Can I place an order for countertops over the phone?
No.  Countertop orders are accepted only in person, by email or fax.  The reason for this is because we need a signature on the work order, or need the measurements in writing to verify that the laminate that is cut is cut properly to what you order.

How can I pay for my order?
Countertop orders can be paid by cash, credit card (Visa or MasterCard only – no AMEX), or debit.  We do also accept personal cheques, but the order will not be started until the cheque has cleared through the bank.

How much of a deposit is required for my order?
For laminate countertop orders, the order has to be paid in full before being processed.  Any solid surface orders exceeding $3,000 requires a 75% deposit, while orders under require a full upfront payment.

How far do you travel for installation?
Installation for laminate is within a 30km radius.  We will travel to select locations outside of this radius with travel charges being applied to the job.  These locations are deemed by the staff of Counter Corner Ltd., so please check with the sales rep before placing the order.

Installation for Corian©, Zodiaq & Granite is now available across the province!  Travel charges may apply to certain areas - please check with your sales representative to confirm!

What is the difference between cabinet and countertop measurements?
Cabinet and countertop measurements are two completely different measures, and will greatly influence the cut of your counters.
Cabinet measurements are the measurements of your cabinets alone.  These measurements do not allow for any overhang that your countertops may need.  If said that your measurements are cabinet measurements, we will allow for the overhang and adjust your measurements for you in production.
Countertop measurements are the measures of countertops that are currently installed.  They are the exact measurements that you need, not needing to allow for any extra overhang.

Knowing if the measurements that you provide are cabinet or countertop is very important.  If you mistake your cabinet measurements for exact countertop measurements and sign your work order, your countertop will be cut too short.

How do I properly clean my new countertop?
Countertops, including Corian©, Zodiaq & Granite, are properly cared for by cleaning daily with hot soapy water, followed directly by a hot cloth wash down.  No abrasive cleaners should be used on any surface.
We do not recommend cleaning your countertops with any polishes, as this creates a build up on your countertop which will create the look of dull spots, smudges and even scratches later on.

Are laminate countertops repairable?
Unfortunately, there is no way to repair damage that is done to a laminate countertop. 

What is the difference between a “contour” and “full” end cap?
A “contour” end cap is an end cap that follows the profile of your countertop.  There is no buildup block placed behind the cap.  Contour end caps are found on the ends of counters that butt up against fridges or stoves.
A “full” end cap is an end cap that has the buildup block behind the cap.  This cap is found at the open ends of countertops.